Principals Message

Glen Brouwer, Principal

Good day. My name is Glen Brouwer. I am principal of the Sunrise Adult Learning Centres Program. We operate 4 Adult Learning Centres (high schools) in rural Manitoba.  
Come get your Grade 12 with as few as 8 credits! 
All Adult Learning Centres in Manitoba offer the Mature Student High School Diploma program. Under this program you must take 4 Grade 12 subjects (Math and English are compulsory) and 4 other high school subjects to obtain your high school diploma. To be eligible you must be 19 years of age and have been out of school for at least 6 months. (for more detailed information please click on the 
following link).   You can attend in person or take online courses with us!
We aim to eliminate if at all possible any barriers to your success. My staff and I want you to experience success in a respectful manner. My hope is that you and your teacher(s) can successfully form a partnership to advance your learning.

 New this year

Graduate at any time during the year. At our centres adults can graduate whenever they complete their credits. No more waiting until June to get your diploma!